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Weather Conditions

Driving in The Ozarks' Weather

In the Ozarks, be prepared for any type of weather and road conditions, especially when you’re behind the wheel. Missouri road conditions and weather can be unpredictable so check before you drive.

If it is windy out, anticipate air gusts. Keep an eye on larger vehicles and your grip firm on the steering wheel.

In the case of heavy rain, slow down to avoid hydroplaning. Give yourself plenty of room for braking, and remember—wipers on, headlights on.

In an intense thunderstorm, one where you can’t see where you’re going and the wipers don’t help, it’s best to pull off the road altogether. If possible, make sure you’re out of the way of large trees, streetlights, and anything that could fall on your car. Also, avoid flooded areas.

With snow and ice, it’s best to not drive altogether. But if you have to get out, use extreme caution. Be sure to accelerate and decelerate slowly. Avoid powering up hills and changing speeds. If possible, don’t stop—stopping and starting on ice is difficult. Should your car start to slide, don’t panic, slow down, and try to steer to safety.

Even if you do everything right, accidents do happen. Hammer’s Autoworks will fix your car right and have it back to you in no time. Enjoy the road, and drive safely!