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Protocols to Protect Customers Amidst COVID-19 Coronavirus

On an almost hourly basis, new facts about the unprecedented pandemic of the COVID-19 Coronavirus are revealed.  Our nation’s leadership is working in cooperation with other global leaders and scientists from the U.S. and around the world to determine the best protocols for halting the wave of this dangerous disease.  Hammer’s is committed to following the very latest recommendations to help keep our valued customers, friends and employees safe.  Here’s what we’re doing.


Through television, radio, internet news broadcasts, and websites, up-to-the-minute information is disseminated rapidly as the situation develops around the world.  Physicians and experts from China, the U.S., Italy, South Korea and Europe are collaborating and studying COVID-19 Coronavirus hotspots, and it’s resulting in recommendations that are yielding results.

Good sources of information include The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Coronavirus Fact Sheet, World Health Organization Coronavirus and, specifically for businesses and employers such as Hammer’s, the CDC's Recommendations for Businesses.

As of this writing, a number of practices are proving successful at reducing the incidents of person-to-person transmission of the virus.


As you have no doubt heard, the number one way the coronavirus is spread is through person to person contact.  The recommended distance to maintain from others during this pandemic is six feet.  We are asking our customers to please call us before arriving at Hammer’s.  We will take your information over the phone.  We also ask that you call when you arrive at the curb.  An estimator will be sent out to your vehicle to assess your car’s condition and prepare an estimate.


Our employees are being instructed to stay home if they are not well.  We ask that you do the same, for your own benefit as well as the benefit of people who know the people you come into contact with.  In other words, it is possible to unintentionally transmit the virus to a high-risk person in someone else’s sphere of contacts.  Since self-isolation by sick people has proven to reduce the spread of disease, we are following this recommendation.


We are diligently practicing good hygiene including handwashing.  Hammer’s has always kept a clean shop, and we strive to maintain those excellent standards.


In the face of this unprecedented threat to public health, Hammer’s is taking every known precaution to keep you, our customers and friends safe, and by extension, we hope to help keep your friends and loved ones safe as well.  While this is a dangerous pandemic, Hammer’s has been in business for over half a century.  We have weathered recessions, natural disasters and many dramatic changes in our community and in our world.  We encourage you to keep in mind that, like all things, this won’t last forever.  Until it passes, please know that we consider it our very important obligation to comply with all recommendations which will result in a shortened duration and less dire outcome of this pandemic.  We look forward to the day when we can once again shake your hand and greet you personally inside the shop.  Until then, stay well and remember that we are still here for you and ready to serve your automotive needs.  Give us a call!