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Major Types of Car Insurance

Three Major Types of Insurance

There are three major types of car insurance, from bare-bones coverage to complete protection.

Liability insurance only helps cover the other driver’s repairs and medical expenses. For your own car’s repairs, you’re on your own.

In contrast, collision insurance covers the cost of repairs for your car regardless of who was at fault. It also covers collision with poles, fences, and even people. That said, collision insurance doesn’t cover collisions with wildlife, and claims can be denied if the accident was caused by mechanical failure.

This is why Hammer’s Autoworks recommends full coverage, including comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive insurance covers what collision auto insurance won’t—like run-ins with deer, fire, vandalism, and severe weather.

We know accidents, and dealing with insurance companies, is very stressful. If you’re in an accident, Hammer’s Autoworks will help you in every step of the process of filing your insurance claim. Afterward, we will fix your car right so you get back on the road faster.