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The 7 Steps of Collision Repair After an Accident

Most people will need to visit a collision repair shop at least once over the course of their lifetime. Understanding auto body repair can be overwhelming for many, even if the vast majority of customers are focused on the results rather than the process.

That said, understanding the level of work that goes into fixing a car right might help clear up a few things. The time needed, how much labor is involved, and the cost of returning a car to like-new condition.

No two auto body repair shops are alike when it comes to process. That said, most reputable shops will broadly follow a timeline like the one below.

Collision Repair Estimate

The estimate is the result of the inspection performed by a collision repair specialist. As we have discussed in the past, these inspections must be done in person. While photos are helpful, they aren't adequate in telling the full story.

Your insurance company may give their estimates by photos alone rather than sending out an adjuster. Collision repair shops like Hammer’s Autoworks will help negotiate with your insurance company, explain the damage and provide an accurate estimate of what is required to get the vehicle back in drivable condition.

Vehicle Disassembly

As there can be a lot of unseen damage, Hammer’s Autoworks will completely disassemble the vehicle to determine the full scope of the repair. For other repair shops, vehicle disassembly is something that can be requested by the insurance agent.

Every part of your vehicle relies on the other parts to work correctly. If something is overlooked, the repairs conducted might not be effective or safe. This is why disassembly is vital to get an accurate picture of everything that needs to be addressed.

Vehicle Repair

Hammer's Autoworks has OEM-certified technicians. They work according to the vehicle's manufacturer's standards. Their goal is to restore the vehicle to like-new condition. Structural repairs and mechanical repairs are completed according to factory specifications.

All of the parts that are replaced on the vehicle are parts intended for that vehicle’s make and model. This helps ensure the individual components operate exactly as they should.

Reapplying Paint

The process of repainting the vehicle will differ depending on where you take it for repairs. At Hammer’s Autoworks, vehicles are repainted with the AFC Quadraft paint booths, complete with bake cycle.

Our expert painters will also utilize the Axalta Premium Waterbourne technology paints originally used on your car to ensure it looks good as new.

Vehicle Reassembly

The vehicle is completely reassembled, and its systems are fully inspected. All scans and calibrations are performed for safety systems. At this stage, the vehicle has nearly completed the repair cycle and is almost ready to be returned to the customer.

Final Inspection

Both the interior and the exterior receive a thorough cleaning after everything is back in its place, and the paint polished. Additionally, your car will be test driven to ensure it operates smoothly and there are no lingering issues.

Collected by Customer

At this stage, the customer will come to the collision repair shop to pick up the vehicle. Upon arrival, the customer will be provided a thorough written explanation detailing the work completed along with the final bill, and lifetime written warranty.

If you have any questions about the process at Hammer’s Autoworks or our certifications, don’t hesitate to reach out.